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Liche Academy 2023 - List of Participants

There are no registrations yet...
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Xxxx aka "Humblr"AUSParis58Kingdom of EquitaineHot n Bashno
2. Pierre-Emmanuel aka "Gilg248"FNice2MakharTRCno
3. Racoon aka "BlackRacoon"FRouen103Highborn ElvesLes As Gardiensno
4. Baptiste aka "Braxx"FVeneux-les-Sablons47Warriors of the Dark GodsLes As Gardiensno
5. Benjamin aka "benji"FLa Fare les Oliviers1Ogre KhansTRCno
6. Alexandre aka "Seven"FRouen15Vampire CovenantLes As Gardiensno
7. Marc aka "Kolrhil"FMontargis98Dread ElvesLes As Gardiensno
8. Sylvain aka "thetlis"FStrasbourg332Empire of SonnstahlRKM foreverno
9. Julien aka "Juvin"FSaône63Saurian AncientsComtois rends-toi !no
10. Gregory aka "Gregus"BLIEGE246Warriors of the Dark GodsLiegendaryno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Hot n BashHumblr
2TRCGilg248, benji
3Les As GardiensBlackRacoon, Braxx, Seven, Kolrhil
4RKM foreverthetlis
5Comtois rends-toi !Juvin

Distribution of Armies
There are no registrations yet...
Distribution of Origins
There are no registrations yet...
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