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Marvel crisis protocol "Maxi rêves" des Squigs du Nord - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Aaron aka "Aaronx62x"FCalais107Avengers !!!!Punish teamno
2. Sylvère aka "Sorel"FMagny les Hameaux23HULKno
3. Mickael aka "spacelouloup"FLa Neuville Du Bosc4mega badles tontons fling'eureno
4. David aka "D_D2"FLille27Un gros et des petits :)MCP Ludivoresno
5. Deborah aka "TinkerBella"FLille92Gardiens de la Galaxie (je s'appelle Groot)MCP Ludivoresno
6. Alexandre aka "Bombance_MCP"BBrussels-YesTeam Brusselsno
7. Michael aka "agenor1453"BBruxelles-en reflexionTeam Brusselsno
8. Geoffrey aka "azakiel62"FCalais24SpiderOpale wargameno
9. Aaron aka "AaronL"FCalais88Gardien de la galaxieOpale wargameno
10. Hugues aka "grogro"FLille45AvengersLes D6Dno

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Distribution of Origins
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