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Vision Nocturne - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jonas aka "Ostenwald"FLyon153Separatist AllianceALF Squadronno
2. Guillaume aka "choub"FChambéry152First Order73 eme escadronno
3. Virgil aka "E-Derricote"FThurins-First OrderHive Squadno
4. Bastien aka "CasualBabou"FLyon110Scum and VillainyALF Squadronno
5. Mathieu aka "Radroggor"FMontpellier358Galactic Empire34 eme escadronno
6. Gilles aka "Taraz-Boulba"FMurviel Lès Montpellier48Scum and VillainyEscadron Hérautno
7. Mickael aka "Ryudan"FCournonterral526First Order34 eme escadronno
8. Cyril aka "Tene"FFrontignan2017Resistance34 eme escadronno
9. Andrea aka "danoliv"FChambery47Rebel Alliance73 eme escadronno
10. Silvan aka "psycus"FMontpellier-Rebel Alliance34 eme escadronno
11. Eddy aka "Keyser"FJuvignac-First OrderEscadron Hérautno
12. Yoann aka "Niarff"FLyon11First OrderALF Squadronno
13. Rudy aka "Cendrelin"FParis61Galactic EmpireI6-Cp4r15no
14. Nicolas aka "Golgarie"FFrontignan-Scum and Villainy34 eme escadronno
15. Laurent aka "Kenshin-le-vagabond"FArpajon26Rebel AllianceACE Squadronno
16. Andrew aka "Le_Chancelier"FToulouse14Separatist AllianceNantes Squadronno
17. Fabien aka "Rawulf"FValence231Rebel Allianceno
18. Stanislas aka "Stani_Fett"FValence188Scum and Villainyno
19. Brice aka "Zaretas"FToulouse117First OrderNantes Squadronno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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