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Winter Team Grabuge Tournament 2023 - List of Participants

There are no registrations yet...
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Arthur aka "tutur"FToulouse70Chaos DaemonsMachobifleursyes0
2. Jean-Marie aka "Chestnut"FToulouse64Imperial KnightsMachobifleursyes0
3. Julien aka "Bowser33"FBruges157Genestealer CultsLes snotlings sauvagesyes0
4. Nicolas aka "Oamde"FCucugnan154T'au EmpireLes snotlings sauvagesyes0
5. Leo aka "Dark_Lagoon"FToulouse279Leagues of VotannStar Worstyes0
6. Yoann aka "yolu"FPort La Nouvelle113Space MarinesLes gobz 1yes0
7. Korrentin aka "Dokikong"FSaint-Esteve156Adeptus MechanicusLes gobz 1yes0
8. Dominique aka "stromfox"FSaint Féliu D'amont-TyranidsTsystayes0
9. Etienne aka "Azkerm"FSaint Féliu D'amont-Adepta SororitasTsystayes0
10. Victorien aka "Wictorians"FToulouse-NecronsStar Worstyes0
11. Baysselier aka "DavidB"FPamiers-Orkswargamesariègeyes0
12. Emmanuel aka "Celor"FFoix730TyranidsWargame 1yes0
13. Matéo aka "Nob"FPamiers461Chaos DaemonsWargames Ariège 2yes0
14. Gabriel aka "Elifas"FCastres1104Chaos Space MarinesMarteaux et pinceauxno0
15. Gus aka "Chaoslord09"FLapenne2064Necronswargamesariègeyes0
16. Mickael aka "Funa"FPennautier451EldarWargame et cassouletyes0
17. Laurent aka "catarpilar"FCarcassonne348Chaos KnightsWargame et cassouletyes0
18. Noémie aka "Healia"FSaint Pé D'ardet534TyranidsStratèges d'ambreno0
19. Quentin aka "Pinpin"FEup383Chaos DaemonsStratèges d'ambreno0
20. Pierre aka "Leps"FMazères1748NecronsRagnar'orkyes0
21. Simon aka "SimCinaty"FLes Pujols-Adeptus CustodesRagnar'orkyes0
22. Pierre aka "legrosnain"FPerpignan261DeathwatchLes Gobs 2yes0
23. Philippe aka "PETITLAPINROSE"FPerpignan241Grey KnightsLes Gobs 2yes0
24. Mathieu aka "Vodan"FSaint-Orens-De-Gameville123The InquisitionLes Mamoursyes0
25. Guillaume aka "Kipsu"FAbu Dhabi599Genestealer CultsLes Mamoursyes0
26. Tristan aka "Gotwin"FSaint Mathieu de Treviers636Chaos DaemonsLa Saltitudeyes0
27. Yann aka "Sinistro"FJuvignac287Thousand SonsLa Saltitudeyes0
28. Axel aka "Callofshadow"FCarcassonne1831NecronsLes Shadows Warriorsyes0
29. Alicia aka "Alstromeria"FCarcassonne3073TyranidsLes Shadows Warriorsyes0
30. Jp aka "Xylioxs"FToulouse187Adepta SororitasDernière Croisadeyes0
31. Laurent aka "KTA31"FToulouse409Adeptus CustodesDernière Croisadeyes0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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