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International Warlord Challenge 2023 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Olivier aka "alaric69"FLyon-Adeptus Mechanicus Titan LegionsTeam SUDno0
2. Gaultier aka "Grimaldus50"FSartrouville-Hive Fleet LeviathanIDFno0
3. Pierre-Gilles aka "Peegee"FParis-Black LegionIDFno0
4. Baptiste aka "Casta- -Baptiste"FParis-NecronsIDFno0
5. Antoine aka "nopeace"FVilleurbanne-Raven Guard69 representno0
6. Vincent aka "Gazoil"FConflans-Codex Astartes Space MarinesIDFno0
7. François aka "FouSW"FMarseille-Cadian Defence ForceTeam SUDno0
8. Luc aka "El_Luce"FParis-House Hyperion KnightworldIDFno0
9. Yann-Gaël aka "trantsiss"FLyon-Emperor's Children69 representno0
10. (anonym)-Biel-Tan Craftworldno0
11. Rudy aka "Kaizereva"FMantes-La-Jolie-Necronsno0
12. Clm aka "CyroZ"FAix-Ghazghkull Mak Uruk Thraka's Ork War HordeTeam SUDno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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