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Conquest de l'ouest - List of Participants

1. Jean-Baptiste aka "Lyconide"FMulsanne8The Spiresyes1
2. Vincent aka "marneus93"FLA FLECHE15The Hundred Kingdomsles empafés-PaFyes1
3. Benoit aka "gork72"FLa chapelle saint aubin6The Hundred Kingdomsyes1
4. Michael aka "Hiigara"FTours10The W'adrhŭnLe Maesltromyes1
5. Joseph aka "Mahar_Lankoth"FChâteaudun24Old DominionLe Maesltromyes1
6. Maxime aka "herisson"FCherbourg3The Hundred KingdomsLes Cherbourgeoisyes1
7. Tanguy aka "Lordsphenix"FLe Mans18The Spiresyes1
8. Charles-Alexandre aka "Jaiks"FPalaiseau-Nordsyes1
9. Adam aka "bendji54_Chipper"FCherbourg-NordsLes Cherbourgeoisyes1
10. Romain aka "zerion"FCherbourg-En-Cotentin4Old DominionLes Cherbourgeoisyes1
11. Jordan aka "The-JoJo"FCherbourg2The SpiresLes Cherbourgeoisyes1
12. Sebastien aka "SEB722"FConnerré7The W'adrhŭnmes apex on faimyes1
13. Toto aka "Totolasticot"FParis1Old Dominionyes1
14. Anthony aka "Tonio6"FTours23DweghomLe Maesltromyes1

Distribution of Armies
Old Dominion:3
The Hundred Kingdoms:3
The Spires:3
The W'adrhŭn:2
Distribution of Origins
Sarthe (72):5
Manche (50):4
Indre-et-Loire (37):2
Eure-et-Loir (28):1
Paris (75):1
Essonne (91):1
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