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Tournoi xwing 2.5 LORIENT - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Gael aka "ROCKWELL"FSaint-Nazaire609First OrderJawa Company - 44th Squadronno
2. Olivier aka "Gileto924"FSaint-Nazaire-Galactic RepublicJawa Company - 44th Squadronno
3. Antoine aka "bob-a-frite"FSaint Nazaire129Separatist AllianceJawa Company - 44th Squadronno
4. Benoist aka "Darth_Hunter"FNantes10Galactic RepublicNANTES SQUADRONno
5. Dimitri aka "DIM56"FLorient195Scum and VillainyLes celtes ludiquesno
6. Thierry aka "Lordjack"FLorient202Galactic EmpireLes celtes ludiquesno
7. Laurent aka "Tserb29"FBrest63Separatist AllianceMorhol Brezelno
8. Lionel aka "TARVITZ"FBrest60Rebel AllianceMorzhol Brezelno

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