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WCDPD AoS 2000Pts - List of Participants

1. Cyril aka "cygi42"FMontbrison148SylvanethWargame Forézienyes
2. Julien aka "Chonchon"FBelmont d’azergues418Sons of BehematWcdpdyes
3. Axel aka "Axouu"FChazay D'azergue-Sons of BehematWCDPDyes
4. Thomas aka "Blackout_115"FClermont Ferrand-Sylvanethyes
5. Adam aka "zonirik"FChazay-D'azergues-Kharadron OverlordsWcdpdyes
6. Damien aka "Dam_le_Malemouleux"FRelevant138Cities of SigmarLa Confrérie des Malemouleuxyes
7. Parma aka "Pouic"FPoncins159Grand Alliance DeathTim o poilyes
8. Quentin J.FLyon 02-Hedonites of Slaaneshyes
9. Fabien aka "Skarpt"FSaint Germain Nuelles69Slaves to DarknessAOSSEyes
10. Victor aka "El__Cid"FLyon-Nighthauntyes
11. Thomas aka "Tomcid"FLyon437Skavenyes
12. Tanguy aka "Elonn"FSaint Martin Belle Roche416SkavenLes poneys fringantsyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
13. Romain aka "Warfle"FLe Thillot517Ossiarch BonereapersTim o poilno
14. Daniel aka "Uthred"FCharleville-Mézières683NighthauntTim o poilno
15. Julien aka "Roulian"FLyon946Stormcast Eternalsno
16. Blaise-Samuel aka "Pere_Blaise"FSancé775Slaves to Darknessno
17. Nicolas aka "Huanchi93"FLyon13Ogor MawtribesLa Coterie AoSno
18. Laurent aka "Dweeps"FPortes Lès Valence103Slaves to DarknessIndiscibleno
19. Sylvain aka "Ezra"FSaint-romain au mont d'or593Stormcast EternalsWcdpdno
20. David aka "bzh-gratz"FSaint Bernard-Slaves to DarknessCartel de Trollsno
21. Gautier aka "Gaut69160"FTassin La Demi Lune403Slaves to Darknessno
22. Remy aka "Bono"FChamboeuf30Ossiarch BonereapersAOSSEno

Distribution of Armies
Sons of Behemat:2
Cities of Sigmar:1
Grand Alliance Death:1
Hedonites of Slaanesh:1
Kharadron Overlords:1
Slaves to Darkness:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):7
Loire (42):2
Ain (01):1
Puy-de-Dôme (63):1
Saône-et-Loire (71):1
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