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OPEN D'OCCITANIE W40K SOLO - FTC 2023 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Benjamin aka "babelben"FMAS SAINTES PUELLES487OrksSons of Chocolatineno
2. Julien aka "TicSon"FCastanet-Tolosan54The InquisitionSons of Chocolatineno
3. Fabio aka "Feno"FSt Jean116NecronsSons of Chocolatineno
4. Yann aka "Sinistro"FJuvignac287Space WolvesLa Waaagh de mon Père !no
5. Sébastien aka "Sebastus"FToulouse-Le-Château379Necronsno
6. Stéphane aka "madmort"FPrayssas231Adepta Sororitaspop popno
7. Mathieu aka "Boka"FGrenoble778Leagues of VotannGrenoble Wargame Clubno
8. Jérémy aka "Gert-"FToulouse-Leagues of Votannno
9. Gabriel aka "Elifas"FCastres1104Chaos Knightsmarteaux et pinceauxno
10. David aka "mirco"FLherm888Space Wolvesla voie du thalosno
11. Adrien aka "Shaamousse"FÉchirolles553NecronsGrenoble Wargame Clubno
12. Philippe aka "elpresidente"FPonteilla176Drukhariles gobelins solitairesno
13. François aka "MardollTar"FCastanet-Tolosan121HarlequinsSons of Chocolatineno
14. (anonym)-Space MarinesColomiers Killer Teamno
15. Jean-Marie aka "Chestnut"FToulouse64Imperial KnightsMachomen’sno
16. Hugo aka "Rouages"FToulouse490Chaos KnightsEternal Imperiumno
17. Philippe aka "PETITLAPINROSE"FPerpignan241The Inquisitionles gobelins solitairesno
18. Enzo aka "zozomomo31"FBalma222Space MarinesSons of Chocolatineno
19. Pierre aka "babtouterrain"FVillenouvelle1896Adeptus Custodesla voie du thalosno
20. Michael aka "TheIcedTea"FTournefeuille141Space MarinesTheIcedTeamno
21. Paul aka "Paulo_LaSamba"FMontauban208T'au EmpireSons of Chocolatineno
22. Nicolas aka "gruluk"FCierp Gaud505Space WolvesStratèges d ambreno
23. Leo aka "Dark_Lagoon"FToulouse279Leagues of Votannles gobelins solitairesno
24. Victorien aka "Wictorians"FToulouse-Necronsles gobelins solitairesno
25. Jeremy aka "Velorr"FAubagne13Genestealer CultsLa Croisade Provençaleno
26. Quentin aka "Pinpin"FEup383Death GuardStratèges d ambreno
27. Noémie aka "Healia"FSaint Pé D'ardet534TyranidsStratèges d ambreno
28. Greg aka "KAISER81"FAlbi219Astra MilitarumUnicorn bolter powerno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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