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LSDA Au Coin du Jeu 11 Mars - List of Participants

1. Teddy aka "MrWhiteBat"FLanester-The Legions of the White Handyes
2. Jordan aka "Sayker"FLorient-Moriayes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Mael aka "Aira_Mornie"FVertou86The Wanderers in the Wildno
4. Alexandre aka "Budalex"FSaint-Brieuc40Isengard RaidersLes Vilains Templiersno
5. Damien aka "DDlebouniouf"FAuray129The Tower of Ecthelionno
6. Brice aka "Tarask"FBrains-The Shireno
7. Clement aka "Keni"FLanester154Thranduil's HallsAledno
8. Benjamin aka "Krand"FNantes26The Shireno
9. Charly aka "Drama"FBetton157Minas Tirithno
10. Pierre aka "Sarn"FAngers52MoriaLa Compagnie de l'ouestfoldno
11. Borja aka "Thorondin"FAllonnes103Monsters of Middle-EarthLa Compagnie de l'ouestfoldno
12. Hugo aka "SorHg0"FAvrillé81The FiefdomsLa Compagnie de l'ouestfoldno
13. Romain aka "Agazoul"FTrélazé91The Dwellers Belowno
14. Thomas aka "Helmou"FSaint Mesmin161The Eagles of the Misty MountainsLa Compagnie de l'ouestfoldno

Distribution of Armies
The Legions of the White Hand:1
Distribution of Origins
Morbihan (56):2
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