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Premier tournois X-wing 2.5 de l'année de la Squad Tolosà - List of Participants

1. Valentin aka "loysdeplaisance"FCugnaux-Separatist AllianceSquad Tolosàyes
2. Adrien aka "ZaZ333"FPerpignan165Scum and VillainyX Wing Perpignanyes
3. Brice aka "Zaretas"FToulouse117First OrderNantes Squadronyes
4. Yves-Marie aka "Aldenoer"FTalence43Separatist AllianceLes wookies Bordelaisyes
5. Armand aka "Kantor81"FCastres38First OrderLa Voie du Thalosyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
6. Frederic aka "Fred2-D2"FToulouse59Scum and VillainySquad Tolosàno
7. Gilles aka "Taraz-Boulba"FMurviel Lès Montpellier48Galactic EmpireEscadron Hérautno
8. Andrew aka "Le_Chancelier"FToulouse14Separatist AllianceNantes Squadronno
9. Frédéric aka "Fred33"FSaint Martin De Laye2017Galactic Empireno

Distribution of Armies
First Order:2
Separatist Alliance:2
Scum and Villainy:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Garonne (31):2
Gironde (33):1
Pyrénées-Orientales (66):1
Tarn (81):1
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