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Infoflux Turnier auf der GedankenweltenCon VI - List of Participants

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1. Marius aka "plzDIEthxBYE"DSaarlouis173Military Ordersno
2. Fabian aka "Fasbi"DTrier-Nomadsno
3. Jan aka "Tristan228"DHochdorf-Assenheim15Bakunin Jurisdictional CommandQuadratekämpferno
4. Nik aka "Baertiger-Stratege"DWorms-Combined Armyno
5. Henry aka "BielTanLord"DHeilbronn101Hassassin BahramQuadratekämpferno
6. Samuel aka "GhostX"DUelversheim-Combined Armyno
7. Steffie aka "Camoure"DSaarbrücken254Qapu Khalqino
8. Jan aka "Zergash"DSaarbrücken56Invincible ArmyInfoFluxno
9. Andreas aka "DrVic"DOtterbach16PanOceaniano

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