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Premier Tournoi SDA Maxireves 2023 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Benjamin aka "Sasori"FBrébières-IsengardNorth is Comingno
2. Quentin aka "Kermarek"FWingles640Khazad-dûmno
3. Armando aka "Ar-Mando"FArras14MoriaLes Suzerainsno
4. Alexis aka "Alexis_fils_d_Eorl"BEllezelles273The Easterlingsno
5. Jonathan aka "punisherx62x"FCalais-Minas TirithPunish teamno
6. Marius F.FOccoches-Mordorno
7. Clément aka "Sombre_Astre"FCoulogne-Théoden's HostSquigs du nordno
8. Stephane aka "stormbringer"FCalais306RivendellSquigs du nordno
9. Yohan aka "Glaerdros"FHerouville Saint Clair61EregionLes camemberts de la Comténo
10. Aurélien aka "Rayleigh"FBeaurains119Dol Guldurno
11. Baptiste aka "Detrakor"FMaromme62The Riders of EorlMad Playerzno
12. Florian aka "Dark-Florian"FMarck304The White CouncilSquigs du nordno
13. Robin aka "Dolrudir"FPalaiseau190Azog's Hunters300+no

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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