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La Grosse Mêlée V - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jan aka "Nepos"BGent10Achaemenid PersianRed Baronsno
2. Dirk aka "Armande"BKapelle-Op-Den-Bos62Asian SuccessorsRed Baronsno
3. Kurt aka "Windelin"BGent8Asian SuccessorsRed Baronsno
4. Alex aka "pogo"BGent4Achaemenid PersianRed Baronsno
5. Greg aka "HOBBY_SHOP"FGrenoble-IberianGrenobleno
6. Damien aka "QSPainting"FNancy82Gaulsno
7. Christophe aka "Strategos"FGrenoble-Numidiansno
8. Geoffrey aka "J3ff"FMontaulin5Greek EpireAJHAno
9. Charles aka "kiri"LLuxembourg-Carthaginiansno
10. Frédéric aka "GrognardsDAlsace"FLingolsheim-CarthaginiansTeam grognards d Alsaceno
11. Gilles aka "TequilAX"FReichshoffen93JomsvikingsGéant Souffelno
12. Johann aka "Torck"FAniche21The Greek Cities: AthensLa Porte Épiqueno
13. Emilien aka "Grossebaf"FStrasbourg79JomsvikingsGéant Souffelno
14. Marco aka "Marcvs"FThionville-RomansTanelornno
15. Philippe aka "Grincheux18"FNeuvy-Sur Barangeon67Median Persiansno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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