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Operation Uhrturm - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Wolfgang aka "Wildweasel"AGraz-French Armynono
2. Christian aka "Tauschi"AGraz-British ArmyMoTnono
3. David aka "Archetyp"AGraz-Italian ArmyMoTnono
4. Gunter Z.AGraz-Italian Armynono
5. Manuel aka "Don_Promillo"ASeiersberg-Hungarian ArmyMoTyesno
6. Franz K.AGraz-Soviet Armyyesno
7. Björn aka "Zeut"AGraz-German ArmyMoTnono
8. Burkard aka "Burki"AGraz-German ArmyMoTnono
9. Harald aka "HarryB"AGraz-Finnish ArmyMoTnono
10. Bernhard aka "Prince_of_Darkness"AVasoldsberg-US Armynono
11. Stefan aka "Kharnagan"AGratwein-US Armynono
12. Clemens aka "InvictusIX"AGraz-German ArmyTeam Styrianono
13. Gerald aka "Weitsicht"AGraz-US Armyyesno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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