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FTC40K Montsoult - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Florian aka "f4op"FSucy En Brie343Chaos Space MarinesFTAno0
2. Guillaume aka "Konrad13"FAuriol307Chaos Space MarinesCroisade Provencaleno0
3. Loukas aka "loukas"FCoiffy Le Bas6Genestealer CultsFuseurs lorrainsno0
4. Maxime aka "Ansmax"FClermont922Chaos DaemonsLe Vortex des Hobbiesno0
5. Hans aka "KIR_KANOS"FTronville-en-Barrois1556DrukhariTeam Zantetsukenno0
6. Gautier aka "Zeg"FLille28Astra MilitarumNorthMBno0
7. Florian aka "Rowne"FBures Sur Yvette1389Necronsno0
8. Romain aka "Kielron"FCadolive77Astra Militarumno0
9. Conrad aka "ozyimandias"FSavignies-Necronsle saint hobbyno0
10. Etienne aka "Elfhorys"FArs-Sur-Moselle7043Imperial KnightsFuseurs lorrainsno0
11. Victor aka "Kokilak"FCaen3627Orksno0
12. Alexandre aka "TiAlex"FCany Barville1448Chaos Space MarinesLUGno0
13. Joé aka "Zolkov"FIssy-les-Moulineaux466Chaos DaemonsFrom Nowhere Playersno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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