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Tower Conquest Age of Sigmar GT - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julien aka "Juliuspot"BBruxelles77Slaves to Darknessno
2. Guillaume aka "SirOctarine"BLiège134Flesh-eater CourtsCuir Cuivre Moustacheno
3. Maiky aka "LeBroMike"BGerpinnes110Gloomspite GitzLes piliers de Yiruldno
4. Matthieu aka "Aldebalaran"BSoignies23Seraphonno
5. Cedric aka "Lord_Von_Roth"BVerviers14Maggotkin of NurgleL'auberge des Gobsno
6. Pierre aka "Shampop"BLiege8Tamurkhan’s Hordeno
7. David aka "NERDGRUIS"BGent (Gentbrugge)24Skavenno
8. Ludovic aka "Elorend"BLochristi119Maggotkin of Nurgleno
9. Tristan aka "biwis"BQuievrain61Ogor Mawtribestour d ebeneno
10. Antoine aka "Antoine-Shepherd"BAndoy45Disciples of Tzeentchno
11. Nicolas aka "NicolasR"BZaventem13Beasts of ChaosLe Cercleno
12. Boris aka "Lokento"BTrazegnies182Disciples of Tzeentchtour d ebeneno
13. Damien aka "Zyone"BGrace Hollogne197Soulblight Gravelordsno
14. Yann aka "Teys7357"BCarnières-Idoneth DeepkinLes piliers de Yiruldno
15. Allan aka "Azlow"BBruxelles-FyreslayersLittle Inglorious bastardsno
16. Youri aka "bojje"BBruxelles90SkavenLittle Inglorious bastardsno
17. David aka "David-D"BEghezee25Grand Alliance DeathFratres Lupusno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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