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Le DARK : Fantasy Brawl #2 régional Championnat de France SFB - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Adrien aka "fullmetal59552"FLambres Les Douai18Pif paf poufUtopolystyreneno
2. Paul aka "Polo_62790"FLeforest-...no
3. Philippe aka "Nemesis62100"FCalais24Les mousquetairesLe DARKno
4. Gaetan aka "Capitaine_Brindille"FLille1Le fun et la vitesse d'abord !Utopolystyreneno
5. Adrien aka "holind"FCoulogne6.Le DARKno
6. Sébastien aka "MetalBeerSolid"FL'Haÿ Les Roses4MetalBeerCrewThis Is PASTAT!!!no

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