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Le Fameux Wavrin 2 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Maximilien aka "tcho"BBernissart116The Vermin SwarmBelgian Mercenariesno
2. Maxime aka "arny"FLens182Dread ElvesNorth's sons 1no
3. Marc aka "Alakhai"FENNEVELIN48Beast HerdsTRC VP POWERno
4. Adrien aka "Ikit976"FSaint-Denis40The Vermin SwarmLes Chevaliers de la Table raseno
5. Sebastien aka "Zlatanlux"LLuxembourg73Vampire CovenantLes Luxosno
6. Romain aka "Domane"FLeers-CultistsNorth son’s 2 les bgno
7. Clément aka "Clemred"FOye-Plage299Undying DynastiesYeomen 1no
8. Etienne aka "Unagi"FColombes334Saurian AncientsYeomen 1no
9. Leopold aka "leopold"LLuxembourg74Ogre KhansYEOMEN 2no
10. Ronan aka "Solentis"FChaville555Highborn ElvesYeomen 1no
11. Xavier aka "Darkwise"FDunkerque211Saurian AncientsYEOMEN 2no
12. Quentin aka "Tood"FCoudekerque311Kingdom of EquitaineYeomen 1no
13. Pierre-Emmanuel aka "Gilg248"FNice4Dread ElvesTRC VP POWERno
14. Yohann aka "touba"FMontargis58Infernal DwarvesNorth son’s 2 les bgno
15. Aurélien aka "Izno62"FLens-Beast HerdsNorth's sons 1no
16. Max aka "Atarion62"FHulluch260Highborn ElvesNorth's sons 1no
17. Augustin aka "Gus"FArras103Orcs and GoblinsNorth son’s 2 les bgno
18. Mathieu aka "Zur"FWattignies172Warriors of the Dark GodsL'Allianceno
19. Arnaud aka "Tzeentch"FLomme210Highborn ElvesL'Allianceno
20. Guy aka "IHDarklord"BRoeselare228Saurian AncientsTeam Belgiumno
21. Pierre aka "Tharbak"FParis11Saurian AncientsLes Chevaliers de la Table raseno
22. Dimitri aka "mortis06"FCantaron70Sylvan ElvesLes chèvres d'azurno
23. Laurent aka "setepenmentou"FNice407Undying DynastiesLes chèvres d'azurno
24. Olivier aka "Vavs"FLe Cannet127Highborn ElvesLes chèvres d'azurno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Belgian Mercenariestcho
2North's sons 1arny, Izno62, Atarion62
3TRC VP POWERAlakhai, Gilg248
4Les Chevaliers de la Table raseIkit976, Tharbak
5Les LuxosZlatanlux
6North son’s 2 les bgDomane, touba, Gus
7Yeomen 1Clemred, Unagi, Solentis, Tood
8YEOMEN 2leopold, Darkwise
9L'AllianceZur, Tzeentch
10Team BelgiumIHDarklord
11Les chèvres d'azurmortis06, setepenmentou, Vavs

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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