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La rixe des traboules - List of Participants

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1. Fabrice aka "Golden"FMtp2Le Syndicat du carré d'orTeam Caerisno
2. Hugo aka "boombo"FMauguio4Aether NunsTeam Caerisno
3. Julien aka "Tyrsis"FTournefeuille25Slang Kingdomno
4. Guillaume aka "courleciel"FJanneyrias24Le Syndicat du carré d'orLa Hordeno
5. Thomas aka "Yungetsu"FSospel21Red Moonno
6. Benoit aka "Bloodyben"FLa Chapelle Saint Luc5Brotherhood of Buildersno
7. David aka "Julk"FSarry14Aether Nunsno
8. Cedric aka "cedwfox"FPrivas13Red MoonLa garde rouge de Caerisno
9. Raphael aka "OuiD"FMeyzieu23Slang KingdomLa Hordeno
10. Yves aka "Vaessar"FLyon34Red MoonLa Hordeno
11. Mickaël aka "Grey_Micky"FPierre-Bénite20Aether NunsLa Hordeno
12. Kevin aka "Kharva"FDécines-charpieu-Slang KingdomLa Hordeno
13. Quentin aka "Bwaaaane"FPoitiers3Le Syndicat du carré d'orPCFPIno
14. Matthias aka "milo33fr"FTalence8Red MoonSolo-Bolono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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