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FTC40K Chaumont chez les CSA Diables Noirs - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Loukas aka "loukas"FCoiffy Le Bas6Genestealer CultsFuseurs lorrainsno0
2. Etienne aka "Elfhorys"FArs-Sur-Moselle7036Imperial KnightsFuseurs lorrainsno0
3. Jeremy aka "Balmo"FMonthyon1317Chaos Knightsno0
4. Ludo aka "Bob_le_Vorace"FStrasbourg63TyranidsFuseurs lorrainsno0
5. Alexis aka "Octopus"FNancy207YnnariInstant d'un Aarchlorno0
6. Hans aka "KIR_KANOS"FTronville-en-Barrois1495DrukhariTeam Zantetsukenno0
7. Frédéric aka "Shagrath54"FCustines2306Orksno0
8. Yoann aka "Delta34"FMontpellier631Astra Militarumno0
9. Gary aka "Aegon"FVille Issey69Dark AngelsFuseurs lorrainsno0

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