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D’la Schtôss en Bordure Extérieure - Épisode 1 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Growfray aka "Growfray"FNancy-SeparatistsSector Gallicusno
2. Nicolas aka "BurnedPotatoes"FDomjevin-Separatistsno
3. Sebastien aka "Loumice"FNancy208EmpireDEMI MAULno
4. Ethan aka "Neotodrac"FCrevic-EmpireStormtroopheartno
5. Valentin aka "Yvain_chevalier_au_lion"FBesançon-Galactic RepublicLes Chic'Tabasno
6. (anonym)-EmpireLes Chic'Tabasno
7. Eddy aka "Hierodimdius"FBesançon-SeparatistsLes Chic'Tabasno
8. Fabien aka "Andilas"FBesançon-RebelsLes Chic'Tabasno

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