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Bier und Brezel 40k - List of Participants

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1. Alexander aka "KillMaimBurn"DAschaffenburg469Chaos Space MarinesAsgard Aschaffenburgyes
2. Franz aka "FranzH"DBad Orb623Space MarinesAsgard Aschaffenburgyes
3. Matti aka "Gross-A-Tuin"DKönigstein-Space Wolvesyes
4. Stefan aka "Oidavawoida"DAschaffenburg907OrksAsgard Aschaffenburgyes
5. Nicole aka "Nicy"DMömbris2535EldarAsgard Aschaffenburgyes
6. (anonym)-Leagues of VotannAsgard Aschaffenburgyes
7. (anonym)-Space Marinesyes
8. Lukas aka "Godspear"DMünchen599Astra MilitarumFMPyes

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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