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Immaterium Café Tournament 40k #7 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Thibault aka "Fizduo"FToulon-Space MarinesPas d'équpenono
2. Aurelien aka "Cartmanland"FGonfaron-Chaos DaemonsPas d'équpenono
3. Mikaël aka "Arlequin"FToulon987Grey KnightsLes Chevaliers de Brunoynono
4. Jonathan aka "SarahConnor"FToulon976Death Guardnono
5. Charles aka "Anthanora"FCogolin469World EatersCFVEnono
6. Kyllian aka "Kyllmaster"FToulon660Astra MilitarumPas d'équpenono
7. Guillaume aka "Rorschach-"FSix-Fours268TyranidsBoys de la radenono
8. Julien aka "Wolfister"FSix-Fours Les Plages263Space WolvesBoys de la radenono

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Distribution of Origins
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