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trounoi grognards - List of Participants

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1. Pierre aka "thorsten"FRoanne1878EldarLes Grognardsnono
2. Mohamed aka "Mohand"FRoanne967OrksLes Grognardsnono
3. Etienne aka "Slaska"FNeuville Sur Saône735Chaos Space MarinesLa choucroute panénono
4. Jordan aka "Gourdin"FVilleurbanne1206Chaos KnightsGourdinnono
5. Stéphane aka "Bacilius"FMoulins960Chaos Space MarinesWargames Bourbonnaisnono
6. David aka "Yashi"FRoanne2363Drukharinono
7. Pierre-Francois aka "PF-peinturefigurine"FFEURS-Chaos Daemonspeinturefigurine.frnono
8. (anonym)-Space MarinesWargames Bourbonnaisnono

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Distribution of Origins
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