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Kurpfälzer Warcry Turnier 02/23 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christoph aka "stophle"DMannheim6Disciples of Tzeentch: DaemonsBringers of changenono
2. Nadja aka "RatteNadja"DNeuhofen17SkavenKurpfälzer Gardenono
3. Jonas aka "ObjektGreif"DBellheim2Stormcast Eternal: Thunderstrike StormcastsKurpfälzer Gardenono
4. Thomas aka "DieMeise"DHeddesheim3Stormcast Eternals: Sacrosanct ChamberQuadrate-Kloppernono
5. Alexander aka "Aggrecan"DHeidelberg4SylvanethQuadrate-Kloppernono

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