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X-Wing Turnier im STC - Sommeredition 2023 - List of Participants

1. Rafael aka "Rafaroo"DBottrop2Rebel Allianceyes
2. Udo aka "BlackDeath"DCastrop-Rauxel203Scum and Villainyyes
3. Jörn aka "Charge99"DEssen-Galactic Republicyes
4. Kevin aka "Backfire84"DDüsseldorf4Galactic EmpireSegnor Noobsyes
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5. Marian aka "MannMitAxt"DIssum12Galactic EmpireNackt, zerhackt und angekackt!no
6. Antonio aka "Der_Rafter2k"DDüsseldorf6ResistanceSegnor Noobsno
7. Michael aka "feedback"DOchtrup30Galactic EmpireRogue Squadronno
8. Cedric aka "Kickback"DDüsseldorf11Galactic RepublicSegnor Noobsno
9. Torben aka "Blackbush"DCastrop-Rauxel186Separatist Allianceno
10. Sven aka "Estragon"DEssen73Resistanceno
11. Sebastian aka "Carnis"DMünster466Rebel AllianceRogue Squadron Münsterno
12. Carsten aka "Pyropuschel"DMünster28Separatist AllianceRogue Squadron Münsterno
13. Lukas aka "Luque196"DMünster69ResistanceRogue Squadron Münsterno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:1
Galactic Republic:1
Rebel Alliance:1
Scum and Villainy:1
Distribution of Origins
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