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Tournoi des 15 légions 40k 28éme éditions - List of Participants

1. Yann aka "Noya"FBoulogne sur mer307Imperial Knightsyesyes
2. Aldric aka "Weevolf"FLe Havre302Space MarinesTeam LHyesyes
3. Nicolas aka "Gothra"FBolbec197The InquisitionLUGyesyes
4. Aurélien aka "Deamonifuge"FLe Houlme647The InquisitionPaxyesyes
5. Alexandre aka "TiAlex"FCany Barville1160EldarLUGyesyes
6. Nathan aka "PtitNathan"FLe Havre1706Death Guardyesyes
7. Gregoire aka "syrka"FParc D'anxtot319Space WolvesLUGyesyes
8. Sonny aka "Santa_Anna"FTROUVILLE-SUR-MER981Chaos Space MarinesCHAOS ALL STARSyesyes
9. Martin aka "abcwarrior"FLe Havre-World Eatersyesyes
10. Anthony aka "Bayushi76"FGoderville1484T'au EmpireCHAOS ALL STARSyesyes
11. Florian aka "typoyon"FLe Havre2598World Eatersyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
12. Paul aka "Akwakwakwak"FLe Havre880Space Marinesnono
13. Sébastien aka "bastos"FDarnétal842Death GuardSpartannono
14. Romain aka "Inquisitor_Twiggy"FTrouville Sur Mer825Astra MilitarumOmbres et Lumièresyesno
15. Victor aka "Kokilak"FCaen708Orksnono
16. Gilles aka "Vall_Obscur"FSaint Aubin Routot2383The InquisitionLUGnono
17. Alexandre aka "Sehlios"FLe Havre1059Adeptus CustodesCarnages et Rhumatismes !nono
18. Nicolas aka "Taz76"FLe Havre1670Astra MilitarumTaznoyes

Distribution of Armies
The Inquisition:2
World Eaters:2
Chaos Space Marines:1
Death Guard:1
Imperial Knights:1
Space Marines:1
Space Wolves:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):8
Calvados (14):1
Pas-de-Calais (62):1
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