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Tournoi des 15 légions 40k 28éme éditions - List of Participants

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1. Alexandre aka "TiAlex"FCany Barville1450EldarLUGnono
2. Nicolas aka "Gothra"FBolbec444The InquisitionLUGnono
3. Paul aka "Akwakwakwak"FLe Havre-Space Marinesnono
4. Florian aka "typoyon"FLe Havre-World Eatersnono
5. Nathan aka "PtitNathan"FLe Havre-Death Guardnono
6. Gregoire aka "syrka"FParc D'anxtot716Space WolvesLUGnono
7. Sébastien aka "bastos"FDarnétal550Death GuardSpartannono
8. Romain aka "Inquisitor_Twiggy"FTrouville Sur Mer889Astra MilitarumOmbres et Lumièresnono

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