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Raids sur le Kremlin Bicètre - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Guillaume aka "CAESER"FFreneuse91Anglo-Saxonsno
2. Thomas aka "Nakhrin"FSargé-Lès-Le Mans5Pictsno
3. Olivier aka "OliverJapan"FParis25IrishClub Rathelot Garde Républicaineno
4. Valerian aka "Valbesa"FDeuil-La-Barre69Vikingsno
5. Corentin aka "Jouco-Datin"FLille70SassanidsSaga Lilleno
6. Luce aka "Arlus"FParis-Britonsno
7. Frederic aka "fressenc"FIssy-Les-Moulineaux67RomansClub Rathelot Garde Républicaineno
8. Clément aka "Lanowar"FRouen129FranksAsgard Normandieno
9. Loic aka "Ble-roy"FLille44FranksSaga Lilleno
10. Armand aka "Armandou"FQuimper2OstrogothsCommunauté du déno
11. Serge aka "Sergiulica"FRueil-Malmaison-Normansno
12. Nicolas aka "Nikolas"FNeuilly Sur Marne-StrathclydeClub Rathelot Garde Républicaineno
13. Kurt aka "Windelin"BGent11Anglo-SaxonsRed Baronsno
14. Alex aka "pogo"BGent10HunsRed Baronsno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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