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Fantasy in the Tavern - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Arnaud aka "Arkalak"CHPréverenges6Daemon LegionsFight Clubnono
2. Olivier aka "HARDSTYLE"CHBelmont-Sur-Lausanne8Beast Herdsnono
3. Romain aka "Wargotad"CHMorrens30Dwarven Holdsnono
4. Thomas aka "TheLegend27"CHJouxtens16Vampire Covenantnono
5. Damien aka "Damdam"CHLausanne71Kingdom of Equitainenono
6. Raphaël aka "Mibola"CHGenève5Warriors of the Dark GodsClub Chimèrenono
7. John aka "JohnnyBoy"CHGenève12Dread Elvesnono
8. Maxime aka "Lichemeister"CHFribourg3Vampire CovenantSons of gamesnono
9. Mathieu aka "Math-CD"CHDüdingen2Ogre KhansSons of gamesnono
10. Adrien aka "Adi_"CHLausanne-Daemon LegionsÉquipe avec moi mêmenono
11. Victor aka "sevic"CHCorcelles36Sylvan ElvesDream of Jambonnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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