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5. AoS Eastside Clash - List of Participants

1. Patrick aka "LordPatrick"DBerlin222Blades of Khorneyes
2. Sebastian aka "Kaito275"DMagdeburg-FyreslayersTabletop Magdeburgyes
3. Tomy aka "Tomy95"DMagdeburg405Gloomspite GitzTabletop Magdeburgyes
4. Jan-Niklas aka "Erdnusswurm"DWolfenbüttel285Blades of Khorne3TH-Hannoveryes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Nico aka "Sterni"DHalle304SkavenTabletop Sachsenno
6. Maximilian aka "Mats_Finn"DMagdeburg99Sons of BehematTabletop Magdeburgno
7. Philipp aka "DerGrieche"DLeipzig16Beasts of ChaosTabletop Sachsenno
8. Michael aka "Plewin"DLeipzig12Maggotkin of NurgleTabletop Sachsenno
9. Maximilian aka "Maximilian13"DWittmar70Hedonites of Slaanesh3TH-Hannoverno
10. David aka "Paintingcas"DBerlin145Slaves to DarknessAdeptus Stammtischno
11. Marc aka "Marc95"DSülzetal138Blades of KhorneTabletop Magdeburgno
12. Sebastian aka "beasti"DLeipzig136Grand Alliance ChaosTabletop Sachsenno
13. Robert aka "Gaukler95"DBerlin146Beasts of Chaosno
14. Moritz aka "Murmel"DLeipzig35Gloomspite GitzTabletop Sachsenno
15. Lukas aka "BaalVanGore"DLeipzig-Slaves to DarknessTabletop Sachsenno
16. Dario aka "Darakor25"DLangenhagen20Orruk Warclans3TH - Tabletoptreff Hannover e.Vno
17. Jan aka "japesch"DHannover37Fyreslayers3TH - Tabletoptreff Hannover e.Vno
18. (anonym)-Kharadron Overlordsno

Distribution of Armies
Blades of Khorne:2
Gloomspite Gitz:1
Distribution of Origins
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