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French Wargame Café AOS Grand Tournament - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jean aka "POulzor"FParis579Ossiarch Bonereapersno
2. Victor aka "Vico75"FPuteaux119Tamurkhan’s Horde1D100no
3. Thomas aka "Kytes"FNeuilly Sur Seine1510Tamurkhan’s Hordeno
4. Christophe aka "Anca"FParis32Seraphon1D100no
5. Thibaut aka "choupak"FGif-Sur-Yvette85Grand Alliance Chaosno
6. Amine aka "caledor"FParis31Daughters of KhaineaetherForceno
7. Tiphaine aka "theophaniel"FParis44The Legion of AzgorhAether Forceno
8. Nicolas aka "spoon"FParis27Tamurkhan’s HordeAether Forceno
9. Seb aka "Koubiak"FParis53Disciples of TzeentchAether Forceno
10. Arnaud aka "Spenson"FPuteaux181The Legion of AzgorhAether Forceno
11. Olan aka "Olan"FBoulogne Billancourt130Flesh-eater CourtsAether Forceno
12. Vincent aka "Kailtas"FMantes La Jolie35Hedonites of SlaaneshAether Forceno
13. Gaetan aka "Gau"FAntony749Ossiarch Bonereapersno
14. Clément aka "Loerick"FParis289SeraphonLes Chatardsno
15. Jennifer aka "Hidds"FLomme464SylvanethLes Chatardsno
16. Maxime aka "Maximusxxl"FIssy-Les-Moulineaux513Slaves to DarknessAether Forceno
17. David aka "kuboo"BLiège-Blades of KhorneKarnageno
18. Christophe aka "Anubis-"BLiege-Ossiarch BonereapersKarnageno
19. Maxence aka "Mackz"FVilliers-Le-Mahieu864Cities of SigmarKazuno
20. Benjamin aka "Cladio"FLouvres79Legions of NagashSect of Monksno
21. Leo aka "LeGrandRouin"FRouen125SkavenSect of Monksno
22. Joris aka "Balrogue"FColombes290Orruk WarclansLes Briseurs de Lignes de Vueno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
There are no registrations yet...
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