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Les guerres d'Ea - List of Participants

1. Romain aka "Alcybiade"FLyon-The City StatesRTSyes
2. Paul-Alexis aka "Kechian"FLyon-The NordsRTSyes
3. Thibault aka "Yacki"FDiémoz-The City Statesyes
4. Philippe aka "Sacks"FVillefontaine-The Old DominionCTRyes
5. Quentin aka "Jaisser"FLyon 02-The City Statesyes
6. Arthur aka "Tyranus"FVillefranche-The SpiresRTSyes
7. Arnaud aka "lims"FAnnoisin Chatelans-The Hundred KingdomsCTRyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
8. Rémy aka "Ghazmo"FBourgoin Jallieu-The W'adrhŭnCTRno
9. Guillaume aka "Loutre_Atomique"FVilleurbanne-The W'adrhŭnno
10. Victor aka "Eloi_De_Murphy"FGrenoble-The SpiresLa pluie violetteno

Distribution of Armies
The City States:3
The Hundred Kingdoms:1
The Nords:1
The Old Dominion:1
The Spires:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):4
Isère (38):3
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