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Les rixes joyeuses 2023 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jean-Philippe aka "Wolves_of_Brutus"FChalon sur Saone91Chaos DaemonsSAGnono
2. Hugo aka "Shev"FST PRIEST33DrukhariTeam LDMnono
3. Thomas aka "maleck"FNevers-Adeptus CustodesLegendenono
4. Mehdi aka "ginyu"FCours Les Barres1130Astra MilitarumLégendesnono
5. Deniau aka "kharn08"Fmarzy738Chaos Space Marinesnono
6. Guillaume aka "DarKLine_40K"FBaugy-Space Marinesnono
7. Antoine aka "Aouzy"FLa Charité Sur Loire2756NecronsLégendesnono
8. Jérémie aka "MitchBuckanon"FYzeure3534Grey Knightsnono
9. Matthieu aka "Ptite-Barique"FPoitiers969Space Wolvesnoyes
10. Adrien aka "Le-Gob"FAlbertville50Astra MilitarumLes Petits Ramoneurs Savoyardsnono
11. Arnaud aka "Le_Nahel"FLyon52Imperial KnightsLes Petits Ramoneurs Savoyardsnono
12. Romain aka "ZodShinobit"FMarcillat En Combraille2258Chaos Space Marinesnono
13. David aka "Agone-"FVilleurbanne769Imperial KnightsTeam LDMnono
14. (anonym)-Space MarinesLes rois du selnoyes
15. Mike aka "Makouille"FL'isle D'abeau650Space MarinesDelta 69nono
16. Brice aka "TataYolo"FVillars-les-Dombes5293OrksLa Hordenono
17. Vincent aka "Vhalekiel"FBrignais1531T'au Empirereloadnono
18. Jordan aka "Ass_D_As"FThurins1165EldarDelta 69yesno
19. Thomas aka "Sk4r"FSaint Genis Laval-Chaos DaemonsDelta 69nono
20. Victor Yannick aka "Samatronzx23"FTeillet-Argenty1889Dark AngelsMDOnono
21. Laurent aka "LAF"FCaluire-Et-Cuire1046TyranidsDelta 69nono
22. Adrien aka "Interceptor"FCaluire-Et-Cuire1726T'au EmpireDelta 69nono
23. Joseph aka "Xelure"FLimons-Blood Angels9e Legionnono
24. Charles aka "trunkk"FLyon1793Thousand SonsDelta69nono
25. Thomas aka "Janjak"FPont-du-Château3116Dark AngelsArverngersnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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