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OctoGônes - Star Wars ARMADA Lyon - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Nicolas aka "Elred"FPoissy3EmpireEscadron Les Têtes Brûléesno
2. Clément aka "Roulemapool"FLyon28Separatistsno
3. Eric aka "Carey"FSt Etienne6Rebelsno
4. Marius aka "Marrodeur"FParis17Rebelsno
5. Clément aka "Mordecain"FLyon15Empireno
6. Mathieu aka "GreenLeader"FVilleurbanne7RebelsSalopards de rebellesno
7. Jeremy aka "pellegr"FLyon16Empireno
8. Adrien aka "ZaZ333"FPerpignan9RepublicAu Croiseur Interstellaireno
9. Eric aka "nooby_le_noob"FPrevessin5SeparatistsLe culte de la procrastinationno
10. Xavier aka "Wallou1982"FSaintes120RebelsWallou Miniatureno
11. Nicolas aka "Umibozu"FFirminy8Separatistsno

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Distribution of Origins
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