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X-wing Store Championship Strasbourg - List of Participants

1. Georges aka "Swoulf"FOstwald373Galactic RepublicHell's As Squadronyesyes
2. Djordje aka "13th_Warrior"FStrasbourg104Galactic EmpireHell's As Squadronyesyes
3. Andrew aka "Le_Chancelier"FToulouse11Separatist AllianceNantes Squadronyesyes
4. Lionel aka "Messala"FSchiltigheim80Rebel AllianceHell's As Squadronyesyes
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5. Arnaud aka "Zek"FStrasbourg16Galactic EmpireHell's As Squadronnono
6. Luc aka "Xephaen"FBouxwiller250Scum and VillainyHell's As Squadronnono
7. Jérémy aka "Klumero"FLingolsheim62Scum and VillainyHell's As Squadronnono
8. Max aka "Artaban"FWintzenheim88Galactic EmpireLe collectif Utinninono
9. Manish aka "Tharlin"DRauenberg235Galactic Empirenono
10. David aka "Pi-Well"FColmar297Separatist AllianceLe collectif Utinninono
11. Bastien aka "Akrythael"FRibeauvillé152Rebel AllianceLe collectif Utinninono
12. Philippe aka "MaitreGo"FSchiltigheim86Rebel AllianceHell's As Squadronnono
13. Christian aka "Frag67"FWesthouse71First Ordernono
14. Andreas aka "anbalda"DKandel2061Galactic EmpireWookietreiber Karlsruhenono
15. David B.DKandel-ResistanceWookietreiber Karlsruhenono
16. Timo aka "Coryn"DOttersheim64Rebel AllianceWookietreiber Karlsruhenono
17. Harald aka "Tellonius"DFreiburg523Rebel Alliance761st Black Forest Squadronnono

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:1
Galactic Republic:1
Rebel Alliance:1
Separatist Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
Bas-Rhin (67):3
Haute-Garonne (31):1
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