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From Hell Open AOS - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Maxime aka "Isterius"FBouchain53Maggotkin of NurgleWarthogs wargamingno0
2. Sébastien aka "Crafouin"FArras561Blades of KhorneBlade of Trollsno0
3. Benjamin aka "Ben-Hur"FSequedin26Disciples of TzeentchHaut Death Franceno0
4. Mateusz aka "Torpille"BMouscron16Grand Alliance DeathHaut Death Franceno0
5. Michael aka "Miladin"FParis11Beasts of ChaosFrench Mortarchno0
6. Teddy aka "Frosties"FDury202Fyreslayersno0

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Distribution of Origins
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