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Asgard Christmas Bash VII - List of Participants

1. Marc aka "Kolrhil"FMontargis129Dread Elvesyes
2. Leopold aka "leopold"LLuxembourg130Orcs and GoblinsMaster of puppetsyes
3. Laurent aka "sixbras"FLa Celle Saint Cloud458Orcs and GoblinsMaster of puppetsyes
4. Fabrice aka "Mc_Khaine"FFollainville-Dennemont52Saurian Ancientsyes
5. Racoon aka "BlackRacoon"FRouen99Orcs and GoblinsLes As Gardiensyes
6. Kévin aka "nivek"FLa Chapelle Au Moine174Saurian Ancientsvikingsyes
7. Virgil aka "Bily"FRouen254Kingdom of EquitaineTwenty Or dieyes
8. Jimmy aka "Corvax"FPetiville1025Highborn Elvesyes
9. Romain aka "Petit_Lezard"FTours28Saurian AncientsMaelströmyes
10. Zacharie aka "luthorhuss"FLe Mans1Warriors of the Dark GodsPEEPOODO LOVERSyes
11. Jérémie aka "Cheveux"FAngers15Kingdom of EquitainePEEPOODO LOVERSyes
12. Jonas aka "LeonTrodSkill"FRouen143Undying DynastiesTwenty or Dieyes
13. Clément aka "Kingstiger"FRouen149Daemon LegionsLes As Gardiensyes
14. Sebastien aka "Rulfr"FRouen273Dwarven Holdsyes
15. Nicolas aka "Kragg"FPoitiers60Daemon Legionsyes
16. Jo aka "Jogging"FParis327Åsklandersvikingsyes
17. Julien aka "lafrite"FParis290Empire of Sonnstahlyes
18. Arnaud aka "nonoBubu"FMontrouge163Saurian Ancientsyes

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Saurian Ancients:4
Orcs and Goblins:3
Daemon Legions:2
Kingdom of Equitaine:2
Dread Elves:1
Dwarven Holds:1
Empire of Sonnstahl:1
Highborn Elves:1
Undying Dynasties:1
Warriors of the Dark Gods:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):6
Paris (75):2
Yvelines (78):2
Eure (27):1
Indre-et-Loire (37):1
Loiret (45):1
Maine-et-Loire (49):1
Orne (61):1
Sarthe (72):1
Vienne (86):1
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
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