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4. Leipzig Open - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Steffen aka "White_Templer"DErfurt19Galactic EmpireThüringer Bratwursttorpedosno
2. Max aka "Khain90"DWeimar27Scum and VillainyThüringer Bratwursttorpedosno
3. Christian aka "Fuller"DOranienburg28First OrderFlight Club Berlinno
4. Arne aka "meeouw"DLutherstadt Wittenberg68Galactic RepublicIncredible Dicefuckersno
5. Roman aka "NoSkilltoKill"DErfurt50Scum and VillainyThüringer Bratwursttorpedosno
6. Christian aka "DeathWalkingTerror"DLeipzig90Galactic Empireno
7. Emanuel aka "Creed008"DAn der Schmücke15Galactic EmpireThüringer Bratwursttorpedosno
8. Sebastian aka "Zapshot"Dan der Schmücke118Rebel AllianceThüringer Bratwursttorpedosno
9. Daniel aka "TrevorColby"DBerlin45Rebel AllianceFlight Club Berlinno
10. Jannis aka "Dr_Fridge"DBerlin4Separatist AllianceX-Swingersno
11. Benjamin aka "Lambertus"DTarmstedt-Galactic EmpireSienar Geek Systemsno

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Distribution of Origins
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