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Dernier tourno Age Of Sigmar i de l'année - List of Participants

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1. Cyrille aka "LordZoloft"FClapiers1688Kharadron OverlordsKOno
2. Simon aka "SimStoDarkness"FMontpellier-Slaves to DarknessLe Chaos rien que le Chaosno
3. Alex aka "Nyarkoleptik"FMontpellier620Ogor Mawtribesl'equipe de alex le grandno
4. Etienne aka "Moumou"FBoujan Sur Libron-Beasts of Chaosno
5. (anonym)-Lumineth Realm-Lordsno
6. Arnaud aka "Termmit"FMontpellier713Orruk Warclansno
7. Maxime aka "Erelone"FVillemoisson sur Orges703Hedonites of SlaaneshHérault Questno
8. Louis aka "DaBigGamora"FBalaruc-Les-Bains-Beasts of ChaosLes gluantsno
9. Nicolas aka "drarouge"FMontpellier1028Sylvanethno
10. Paul-Emmanuel aka "pabloman"FMontpellier747Stormcast Eternalsno
11. Mève aka "Sniapok"FMontpellier-Sons of BehematLes gluantsno

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