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CAERIS - LUDILOUTRE - List of Participants

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1. Hugo aka "boombo"FMauguio5Le Syndicat du carré d'orTeam Occicatno
2. Adrien aka "ZergSpirit"FVaugneray20Red MoonRTSno
3. Fabrice aka "Golden"FMtp4Aether NunsTeam Occicatno
4. Guillaume aka "courleciel"FJanneyrias24Brotherhood of BuildersLa Hordeno
5. Mickaël aka "Grey_Micky"FPierre-Bénite19Red MoonLa Hordeno
6. Maxime aka "elirichter"FVesoul-Le Syndicat du carré d'orno
7. Julien aka "Goupil_"FVilleurbanne7Slang KingdomRTSno
8. Raphael aka "Raph_Le_Tout"FMeyzieu11Aether NunsLa Hordeno
9. Yves aka "Vaessar"FLyon22Red MoonLa Hordeno
10. Quentin aka "Bwaaaane"FPoitiers1Brotherhood of BuildersTrollistesno
11. Benoit aka "Bloodyben"FLa Chapelle Saint Luc2Slang Kingdomno

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Distribution of Origins
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