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Le Raid du Sud-Ouest - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Olivier aka "LesCloneZ"FAnglet179Galactic RepublicLescloneZno0
2. Geoffrey aka "Saahr"FDax-Shadow CollectiveBordure Sud-Ouestno0
3. Quentin aka "LeFusible"FBayonne179Empireno0
4. Pierre-Henri aka "PHO"FBégaar203RebelsLES REBELS DE L OMBREno0
5. Samir aka "Gar_A_Twa"FVillenave d'ornon310Shadow CollectiveGRABUJno0
6. Nicolas aka "Psycho717"FLesgor-Separatistsno0
7. Jeremy aka "Jeremy"FDax-Rebelsno0
8. Damien aka "Poete"FMérignac49RebelsGRABUJno0
9. Quentin aka "Adilas"FCaudéran254Separatistsno0
10. David aka "billoudav"FPLAISANCE DU TOUCH34EmpireSquad tolosano0
11. César aka "Meuh"FToulouse12Galactic RepublicOrk'n Azesno0
12. Maxime aka "Maxx"FToulouse22SeparatistsSquad tolosano0
13. Jeremy aka "Jeremyt"FLasserre54Shadow CollectiveSquad tolosano0
14. Philippe aka "Vindic"FLanton525Shadow CollectiveGRABUJno0
15. Quentin aka "Thranduil54"FVillenave-D'ornon310Galactic RepublicLa guildno0
16. Mickael aka "Thrion"FDax203SeparatistsBordure Sud-Ouestno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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