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Magnus The Pious Cup 2024 - List of Participants

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1. Julian aka "Elkantar"DMünchen-Empire of ManWeiss-Blaue-Strategennono
2. Johannes aka "Klexe"DMünchen-Kingdom of BretonniaBester Weigertnono
3. Olaf aka "LeonDeGrande"DDachau-SkavenWeiss-Blaue-Strategennono
4. Thomas aka "Traumdieb"DOttobrunn-Wood Elf RealmsWeiss Blaue Strategennono
5. Vincent aka "Mortusestdeus"DMünchen-Kingdom of BretonniaWeiss Blaue Strategennono
6. Carsten aka "LastKnight"DMünchen-Dwarfen Mountain HoldsWeiss Blaue Strategennono
7. Henning aka "Newhope"DUlm-High Elf RealmsPlaynetixnono

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Distribution of Origins
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