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Waaaaagh entre amis (40k) n8, v10, w40k, 1000pts - List of Participants

1. Benoit aka "Burning-Map"FParis960Astra Militarumyes
2. Lorenzo aka "CharlieTheUnicorn"FSaint Denis-EldarCuir Moustachesyes
3. Clément aka "Ultor"FBoulogne Billancourt-Dark AngelsPour l'Empereur !yes
4. Renaud aka "FoxDemAll"FParis-Space Marinesyes
5. Thierry aka "Titax"FParis5395Thousand Sonsyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
6. Thomas aka "MrTock"Fthourotte127World EatersCuir Moustachesno

Distribution of Armies
Astra Militarum:1
Dark Angels:1
Space Marines:1
Thousand Sons:1
Distribution of Origins
Paris (75):3
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
Seine-Saint-Denis (93):1
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