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Solo AoS de Mars 2024 à Utopolys - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Ivan aka "TuttiFrutti"FÉpinay-Sur-Seine289Idoneth DeepkinLes Fayotsno
2. Ugo aka "Ugolhin"FTourcoing1071Kharadron OverlordsGuerre, Salsifis !no
3. Julien aka "godtbilator"BBruxelles823SylvanethLe Bunker Bastardsno
4. Charles aka "CBFM"FFourmies1071Lumineth Realm-LordsGuerre, Salsifis !no
5. Clément aka "Morbrock"FRonchin710Orruk WarclansLes Chatards !no
6. Martin D.FLille-Ossiarch Bonereapersno
7. Benoît aka "Chapolaing"FAmiens1540Orruk WarclansLes Semi - Croustillantsno
8. Maxime aka "Pippin"FHazebrouck127Lumineth Realm-LordsLe touristeno
9. Julien aka "Morachti"FAblain Saint Nazaire979Blades of KhorneLes Semi - Croustillantsno
10. David aka "kuboo"BLiège-Legions of NagashKarnageno
11. Christophe aka "Anubis-"BLiege-Grand Alliance OrderKarnageno
12. Vianney aka "Karoningor"FLille102Grand Alliance DeathLes Chatards !no
13. Daniel aka "Uthred"FCharleville-Mézières637Soulblight GravelordsDuo ludisno
14. Thibaut aka "Bodaghi"FAmiens825Sylvanethno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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