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02/11/2024 - Conquest a Vesontio III - Last Argument of King - List of Participants

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1. Clément aka "Dod_yurlas"FBesançon3The City StatesJDC Teamno
2. Kilian aka "Rawr"FBesançon1The Hundred Kingdomsno
3. Thierry aka "Ticamp_des_bois"FBesancon24The Nordsno
4. Romain aka "Alcybiade"FLyon-The City StatesRTSno
5. Johann aka "jdc25"FBesancon10The W'adrhŭnJDC teamno
6. Adrien aka "adrezo"FCourcuire-The Dweghomno
7. Danylo aka "DonKihot"CHEmmenbrücke-The City StatesTTG Zugno

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