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Alkemy à Oizon 3 - Clash sur Mornea - List of Participants

1. Mathieu aka "oursinet"FSt Doulchard33Empire of the Jade TriadLa charge des figurinesno
2. Aaah aka "Magnor"FOrsay10Kingdom of Avalonno
3. Nicolas aka "Jojo_Lapin"FParis-Kingdom of AvalonGrenadiers de l'Essonneno
4. Julien aka "Choll"FOizon37Kingdom of AvalonLa Mandragoreno
5. Thanaël aka "Kotdbeuf"FOizon30The EscapeesLa Mandragoreno
6. Louis aka "Louisss"FArgent Sur Sauldre27Cobra GuardLa Mandragoreno
7. Christophe aka "T0uf"FArgent Sur Sauldre13Empire of the Jade TriadLa Mandragoreno
8. Matthieu aka "GhazgH"FBoulogne-Billancourt2NaashtiLes Ducs de Boulbino
9. Blaise aka "Vad"FOIZON21UtopiaLa Mandragoreno
10. David aka "Tristelune"FBourges-Empire of the Jade TriadLa Charge des figurinesno

Distribution of Armies
Empire of the Jade Triad:3
Kingdom of Avalon:3
Cobra Guard:1
The Escapees:1
Distribution of Origins
Cher (18):7
Essonne (91):2
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
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