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Du Lembas pour le goûter II - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Lucie aka "Ikorih"FGrenoble19MordorLe duo infernalno
2. Julien aka "Cube38"FSt Clair Sur Galaure61MoriaLe duo infernalno
3. Baptiste aka "Rose"FPlancherine228EreborGreNobleno
4. Quentin aka "Zamanee"FGrenoble779Minas Tirithno
5. Maxime aka "MonsieurPropre"FSaint Etienne137Minas Tirithno
6. Damien aka "ChauveQuiPeut"FChampagneux140The NazgûlSeigneurs du 74no
7. Ivo aka "Vulturnus"FVillefranche-Sur-Saône106The Eagles of the Misty Mountainsno
8. Samuel aka "GenMuguet"FSaint Martin D'hères-RivendellLesElfesno
9. Fabien aka "ScorpionTau38"FVarces135The EasterlingsLa Compagnie du Dauphinéno
10. Titouan aka "Titouan"FFontaine-Umbarno
11. Maxime aka "Madara_Uchiha"FSaint-Étienne-Mordorno

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Distribution of Origins
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