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SW Legion Battlefield Berlin 500 pkt 1.8 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alexander aka "FRY"DBerlin68SeparatistsWachbär-Fleischer de Luxenono
2. Marcel aka "wazzi"DBerlin44Shadow Collectivesurge to blanknono
3. Martin aka "Blue_Sun"DBerlin73Separatistssurge to blanknono
4. Sebastian aka "Skyguy"DBerlin265Empirenono
5. Maximilian aka "Wordbearer"DBerlin71Empiresurge to blanknono
6. (anonym)-Galactic Republicnono
7. Nuri aka "the_VoiD"DBerlin312RebelsWachbär-Fleischer de Luxenono
8. Norman aka "Gaepher"DMagdeburg315RebelsTabletop Magdeburg e.Vnono
9. Patrick aka "kickfire86"DBerlin145Rebelsnono

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Distribution of Origins
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