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Prayssas GT - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Kevin aka "Padaw1"FCoutras1140World EatersJoueur du garageno
2. Justine aka "juju14681"FMontauban2339NecronsMini quercyno
3. Nicolas aka "NicoMHD"FMontauban2339OrksMini quercyno
4. Samuel aka "Khaarnack"FSaint-Rome-De-Cernon131EldarMFox Loversno
5. Vincent aka "Frostgame"FMontauban1053Astra MilitarumB1bisno
6. Pierre aka "Sinzera"FToulouse267T'au EmpireUnicorn Bolter Powerno
7. Michaël aka "SergentBILKO"FPau13Genestealer CultsMétal Corpsno
8. Anthony aka "paxki"FEysines49Eldarno
9. Nicolas aka "nurgling1"FSoulignac-Chaos Space MarinesJoueur du garageno
10. Gus aka "Chaoslord09"FLapenne410EldarFlame-onno
11. François aka "kagdar"FAuch-Space Marinesno
12. Emmanuel aka "ManuP"FBeauzelle77The InquisitionKickassouletno
13. Gaetan aka "Carab33"FBordeaux711Chaos KnightsLes cuillères en boisno
14. Tristan aka "Xanonek"FMontauban2225Space Marinesno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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